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Let's Begin

Hi! I suppose this is an introduction of sorts, though I regret to say I've never been very good at that sort of thing. Which is why I am only starting now. I know my strengths and weaknesses, as most people do, and my most pressing matter has always been, "How do I start?"

It's a valid question, and many people will take right to answering it, deciding to plan it out, make lists, divide topics of interest and take surveys. I believe art to be a tad different than other lines of work because how do you narrow down blog topics when the topic is all and everything inside that wants to get out?

So, I put off starting this blog for a long while. I told myself I was not prepared enough, that I had not enough content or expertise on any one topic.

I type this with slightly shaking hands because the start always gives the most trepidation, but it also must be done.

Let's navigate this world of connecting with each other and expressing what is inside together. My name is Christina and I hope my work makes you feel deeply. Instead of trying to focus on one solid topic, I want to post all the things that come from the inside, and I'd love to hear what is inside of you too. Let's begin.

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