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Christina Nicole Maggi

Multi Media Artist based in Long Beach, CA

I have a strong belief in the power of expression for the purpose of growth and understanding of oneself. As a child, I was averse to the stereotype of bottling in emotions, even though this was what was taught in many aspects of my life. I grew to believe speaking for myself would result in disagreement, disregard or disgust. Thus, I taught myself to channel my innermost thoughts, from the elated to the tumultuous, into art as a way to communicate when words would not suffice. 

My greatest hope is that others find solace in my work and can find it in themselves to create their own safe space for personal reflection, insight and empowerment.

Christina Nicole Maggi

Commissioned Works

"Portrait of Frida Kahlo", 2018

for Inge Schink 

Digital Background Stills for "Ad & Subtract", 2010 

for Laura Stephens, MFA Program

Media of Choice







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